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GrowMeUp is an affordable and scalable robotic system to improve the lives of the elderly. The system uses smart technologies, machine learning and adaptive learning, to assist the elderly in their daily activities. It also features a cloud-based ecosystem to facilitate data sharing and analysis. As a result, it offers several key benefits such as improved quality of life and safety.

GrowMeUp is a research project conducted by the European Commission and a consortium of European Universities and Research institutes. The main goal of the study is to develop and demonstrate an innovative, inexpensive and affordable robotic system which can provide the best possible support for care and personal tasks. Initially, the robot will be tested in two European countries. During the nine month pilot phase, its effectiveness will be measured and evaluated. This will allow the project to make progress towards its ultimate goal of being a world leader in advanced solutions.

One of the most impressive aspects of the research project is the ability to build an intelligent robot with multiple sensory modalities. These modalities include speech recognition, multi-objective decision making and adaptive learning. Moreover, the system has the capability to learn from its interaction with its elders, enabling the creation of a rich emotional bond between them. Consequently, it will have a positive impact on both the human and the robotic components of the system. Ultimately, GrowMeUp will offer an innovative and technological solution to the problem of elderly care, while simultaneously increasing the number of years a senior can live independently.

Although the system does not have a formal patent to its name, researchers claim it may be the next big thing. In fact, it has already been used in some retirement homes. Aside from its primary function, the system is expected to have numerous other positive impacts on the elderly. For example, the technology will help to ensure the longevity of the elderly and their families. Additionally, the system will increase the elderly’s social involvement by offering them a virtual care network which can be used to exchange information, suggest recipes, educate them and more.

The system consists of two main components: a robotic system and a software component that includes the aforementioned brain omen. The latter will enable the system to provide a multitude of perks such as improved communication, better aging management and a plethora of other useful services. Similarly, the former will ensure that the elderly will always be well-informed of current events and trends. Lastly, the system will be able to enhance its functions and capabilities over time.


The GrowMeUp is a new type of assisted technology that was developed in Europe. This technology provides a virtual care network that will allow older people to maintain their independence while avoiding the cost of specialized full time care. In fact, the company is already testing the product in retirement homes.