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Reasons To Take Your Car Accident Case To Court 

Being in a car accident can be traumatizing. At first, you may be thanking God for making out of it alive. However, you might realize soon that a big problem is waiting at your doorstep. If your car accident was caused by another party, your vehicle may have suffered from property damage, and you may have several wounds and injuries on your body. 

Paying for all these damages by yourself does not make sense since someone else was at fault. In this case, you may want to file an insurance claim to recover your damages. Car accidents rarely go to court, but there are some instances where taking your case to trial becomes necessary. Contact a Stockton car accident attorney to learn about your legal options. 

Reasons to take your car accident case to court 

  • It is a legal way to get better compensation. 

The reason attorneys and insurance companies prefer settling out of court is that they can communicate with each other privately whenever and wherever they want. They won’t have to wait for the court date to proceed with the case. However, the insurance company will try its best to lower the compensation amount, even if you have evidence supporting your injuries and damages. A judge can ensure that you get the compensation you deserve and nothing less. 

  • There is a disagreement about who is at fault. 

One of the most complex difficulties during a car accident claim is that the insurance company often does not agree with your opinion of who was at fault. They may claim that you were at fault for the accident or that you partially had something to do with it. Insurance companies often use the victim’s words against them by twisting them into something they are not. This is why it is not recommended to speak to them without the presence of an attorney. 

  • The case is too complex. 

Some car accident cases are too complex to be handled out of court and require the assistance of legal forces. Accidents involving shared fault, multiple vehicles, mechanical failures, and deaths are some examples of complex cases. Since multiple insurance companies are involved, it becomes very complicated to deal with them simultaneously. 

  • Legal protection. 

Settling in court with an experienced car accident attorney to represent you and provide you with legal protection. An attorney can tell you about your rights and prevent the defendant party from taking advantage of your lack of legal knowledge. Since you will be in court, the other party won’t be able to manipulate you into accepting a low settlement.