The Child Custody Trial Process

The child custody trial process is an important step to resolve a child custody dispute. Both parents must be prepared to present evidence and explain their case to the judge. They must also present evidence to prove that the proposed change in custody is in the best interest of the child. Parents can also testify without an attorney if they want. The court will examine the evidence presented and form an opinion as to which parent is the primary caregiver.

Parents should remember that a parent’s parenting style is very important. Judges do not favor parents who are overly permissive or use overbearing methods. The parent who tries to foster a relationship with the other parent will have a leg up in the custody trial process. Generally, both parents are expected to visit their children on a regular basis.

A custody trial can be very stressful for both parties. The child’s presence can negatively affect the child’s emotional state. If the child is too young to be present, a court can appoint a law guardian to represent the child. A law guardian can also investigate custody disputes and try to reach a settlement. The law guardian may even interview the child to get a better understanding of the child’s perspective.

When parents can’t agree on a settlement, a custody trial will be scheduled. During the trial, the judge will consider all of the relevant factors and decide what’s best for the child. The law outlines several factors that should be considered when making a decision, including the best interest of the child. If both parents disagree, they can appeal services in Atlanta the decision. The process is very complicated and requires the assistance of an attorney.