Workers Comp Surveillance After Settlement

If you’ve been settling a workers compensation claim with the insurance company, you should be aware that the company can hire a private investigator to monitor your activities. Private investigators may watch your Facebook or Instagram posts or make phone calls to your home. You should be aware of what you post on social media, and be careful if someone asks you to join their friend list. If you’ve been injured on the job, you should be especially careful about accepting friends requests, and you should avoid compromising your privacy by joining groups of people you don’t know.

The investigator’s report may be used in a hearing or trial. It may also be submitted to a doctor so that he or she can verify the injured worker’s physical abilities when he or she is not at work. This information may help the physician decide whether to treat the injured worker further or not. Workers compensation surveillance after settlement can be beneficial to your case, but you should be aware that these services can be expensive.

Surveillance investigators can also monitor your social media. They will look for images posted by your friends or on your social media page. If you have a serious injury, you should avoid posting pictures of yourself or your children on the internet. It’s also important to follow any limitations set by the doctor.