Charged with a crime in League City: Check your rights

It’s reasonable to feel anxious and stressed after being arrested for a crime in League City. You have more reasons to worry when the offense in a serious one, which could eventually result in severe penalties, including time in jail. Remember you have certain rights given to you by the Constitution, and as the first step, you should meet a defense lawyer. Relying on a public defender, who is probably burdened with cases, is never a good idea. Instead, check the website of any popular law firm and consult a reliable lawyer. Here are some rights worth knowing about. 

Right to remain silent

Whether you are arrested on the road or taken into custody at your home, you have the right to remain silent and not answer the questions of the officer. This right comes from the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. Even when officers keep coming to the interrogation room to make the situation intimidating, you should not say anything. 

Right to an attorney

You have the right to hire an attorney and refuse to answer questions during interrogation until the lawyer is around. Even if you don’t have the money to hire a private lawyer, you can ask for legal assistance. The police should stop questioning the moment you ask for a lawyer. 

Information on your rights

The arresting officer should inform you about your Miranda rights. If they fail to do so, the prosecution cannot present the evidence they have procured after the violation. Note down how the officer behaved or whether they mentioned your rights. 

Meeting a criminal defense attorney

Finding the right criminal defense attorney in Galveston can make or break your case. Ask around and contact a law firm you can depend on, but don’t wait for weeks or days to get help. Remember one critical element – The sooner you hire an attorney, the more time they will have to find witnesses and investigate further. That said, it is never too late to contact a criminal defense attorney, even if you failed to exercise that right initially. Many law firms in the city go out of their way to help clients, and when you are in a financial situation, some lawyers may even agree to work on installment payments. 

Be honest with the lawyer and share everything you know – Hiding facts will only complicate things further for you. A lawyer will eventually do their work, investigate more, and gather relevant details.