How Long Does it Take to Modify Child Support?

The first step in the process is to contact your child support agency. They will review your information to see if a modification is necessary. Once they have verified your financial information and contact details, they will create a proposed modification. The next step is to serve the document to the other parent. This step can take some time because it may require multiple attempts to serve the document. At this point, either parent may choose to make corrections, request a hearing, or consent to the modified order.

You will need to present your proof of the change. For example, if your spouse’s income has increased significantly, or you’ve changed jobs, you will have to provide proof. In some cases, you may want to consult a lawyer to help you prepare your petition. Most states require that a petition to modify child support be submitted to the court that issued the initial order. However, you can also use the state child support agency to help you with the process.

The process of child support modification takes 180 days on average, but can take a lot longer depending on the circumstances. Some of the factors that can affect the length of time it takes to finalize a modification include the difficulty of serving your ex, how difficult it is to verify your income and assets, and whether you’re able to obtain personal service of legal notices. Another factor that can add to the timetable is the involvement of another state. If your order was entered in another state and you have one parent living in that state, then the process could be extended even further. hertube