How to Make Money in Medical School: 3 Side Gigs for Medical Student

If you’re pursuing a medical career, you must know how well doctors are paid, and the average pathologist salary is a true example. However, as a student, the road can be a bit bumpy to jump to earning a high wage. And perhaps, you rely on financial aid from your family, loans, scholarships, or a mix of the three.

Fret not! Since many medical students wonder how they make money while attending medical school. You can work part-time jobs to make a handsome income. Therefore, continue reading to learn about three side gigs that match medical students’ knowledge and time.

1- Tutoring

To start, tutoring is a common gig for medical students who want to pass on their knowledge and experience to others. To get experience in the area, medical students can become tutors for high school students interested in medicine or for other medical students.

Medical students can charge a tutoring fee, whether the sessions take place in person or online. It is a way for medical students to supplement their income and improve their knowledge and abilities. Similarly, you can also benefit from tutoring since it allows you to practice the interpersonal and communication skills you’ll need in your future careers.

However, if you wish to be a medical tutor to make some extra bucks on the side, you will need excellent communication and teaching skills. Not only this, but you also need to be flexible to tailor your lessons to the needs of individuals. Lastly, you must be patient enough to transfer your pool of knowledge to others with clear lines of communication.

2- Freelance Medical Writing

Besides tutoring, you can also earn as a freelance medical writer. You can use your knowledge and writing talents by writing for several magazines, blogs, and websites as a side hustle. Writing in the medical field can involve reporting on current events, conducting original research, providing patient guidance, or developing instructional resources. This side gig is your best bet if you are looking for a side career that won’t interfere with your studies.

It requires strong writing abilities, familiarity with medical language, and the ability to conduct thorough research and attribute results. You should write clearly and concisely so that even a layperson may understand advanced medical concepts. The advantage of this work is it can help students hone their communication skills, expand their resumes, and make more valuable connections.

3- Medical Transcription

Making a living by transcribing audio recordings made by doctors, nurses, and therapists is known as medical transcription. Students in the medical field can transcribe audio recordings into text documents using their knowledge of the medical language and typing skills.

For this job, you must have excellent listening skills and attention to detail. And familiarity with medical vocabulary. However, you must remember that accurate medical transcribing requires the ability to protect patient privacy and confidentiality.

A medical transcriptionist may work in various settings, including private practices, hospitals, and outsourcing celebritylifecycle firms. However, the compensation varies from project to project and expertise to competence.


As a medical student, you know the expenses are way more than the income in the initial years. To get out of this loophole, you can earn extra money and connections in the medical sector with these side gigs. However, the key to successfully juggling schoolwork and a side hustle is to pick the one that matches your talents and interests.