How to Modify Child Support Without a Lawyer

If your circumstances have changed, you may be able to reduce the amount of child support you pay without hiring a lawyer. However, you must convince the judge that the change was not temporary or insignificant. Typically, you must show that the change occurred due to circumstances that are not your fault, such as a reduction in income or the cost of health insurance or childcare theinewshunt.

The first step to modify child support is to prepare your Petition for Modification of Child Support. You should make two copies of this document and send them by first class mail to the other parent. Then, you must go to court on the date specified in the Notice of Hearing. If the judge does not sign your Petition the first time, file a revised version of it with the court clerk inewshunt360.

A lawyer can also help you with the process. An attorney will make sure the calculations are accurate and that the correct order is entered. It’s important to remember that you need to provide all the necessary financial information before the numbers can be crunched. An attorney will have an extensive knowledge of the law and the math 52av.

Another step in the process is to file a motion for modification. This motion is easier and quicker than filing a new case. The court will make a decision much faster and with less paperwork thaionlinegamingworld.