How to Write a Good Academic Appeal

An academic appeal is a good way to dispute both a single decision and a combination of decisions. It is important to note that a good appeal is not a gimmick; it must be written in a clear and concise manner. The letter should be written in your own words.

If your appeal focuses on a single decision, it is best to write in plain English and explain the circumstances in detail. For instance, if you failed to maintain satisfactory academic progress, you should write to the university to request an adjustment to your grade or to proceed to the next year of study. Your letter should also be signed with your full name and student number. Make sure to read it carefully before sending it, and then make any necessary changes. You may add more information later on, but it should be kept brief.

Moreover, it is important to state the name of the course in which you are enrolled and the reason for your appeal. Your letter should state the reasons that made you choose to appeal, and make sure to provide dates of events that happened. Having such evidence is crucial, as it will be looked into during the appeal process.

While writing an academic appeal, students should make sure they do not put themselves down or blame others. Rather, they should state their extenuating circumstances and explain how these circumstances will affect their academic performance in the future. Moreover, students should communicate with their advisors and get them to write a letter of support.