Is CBD Pricey? Read on to know why?

We frequently hear people asking this query. Although CBD is fantastic, why is it so expensive? What a wonderful question! There is typically a solid reason why CBD oil is so pricey, especially with the best CBD companies. So, let’s look at the causes.

1.  High Cost of Production

First, it costs a lot to create. Labor-intensive production procedures increase the price. High-quality hemp plants, specialized machinery, and knowledge are required to produce CBD oil of the highest caliber.

Each CBD brand that asks for organic certification must adhere to certain criteria to grow hemp plants. Their farms and fields are regularly inspected, and everything from fertilizers to harvesting methods must come from an approved list. The cost of setting up a farm to meet these requirements is high, but the product is a high-quality crop that wasn’t cultivated with synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Our entire hemp crop is organically farmed.

Manufacturers must extract CBD after hemp has been harvested. The THC must be extracted while carefully protecting the CBD and other cannabinoids, which requires expensive machinery and experienced operators.

2. Environment of Crop Decides Costs

Second, the cost is influenced by the regulatory environment surrounding hemp production and sale. As hemp is related to illegal cannabis strains, it must be strictly regulated and adhere to strict legal specifications from seed to sale.

Currently, CBD cannot be produced from hemp grown in the UK. It must therefore be imported, which increases production prices significantly. So, we cultivate our organic hemp in Bulgaria and export the CBD oil processed there.

Last but not least, while paying for independent lab testing is pricey, it is vital to demonstrate the caliber of our products. Also, it is expensive to register with the necessary regulating organizations and elite working groups.

How about inexpensive CBD?

Although there are some fantastic offers, occasionally low prices indicate that costs have been slashed. Although more affordable products are available, many are unreliable, of questionable quality, and may even be stylesrant  devoid of CBD! Business Insider recently investigated the following:

The Centre for Medical Cannabis’ lab testing revealed that 62% of the CBD products tested in the UK did not have the cannabidiol content claimed on the label, which is worrisome. One product has absolutely no CBD in it. (Business Insider)

Because of this, we view independent lab analysis as crucial to our business strategy. In addition, because the UK CBD market is still mostly uncontrolled, reputable businesses pay for testing to be carried out by independent labs so that buyers can confirm that the contents of a container match its label.

The tests involve thoroughly examining a sample’s composition, including how much CBD and THC it contains, and searching for potentially harmful contaminants. Another factor contributing to the high cost of premium CBD is the expense of routine testing. You should proceed cautiously if your CBD oil cannot provide a Certificate of Analysis (commonly known as a COA), as the product may have something to tvboxbee conceal. Being a fraud, CBD may also be inexpensive for this reason. Numerous dishonest vendors try to misrepresent hemp seed oil or other inexpensive oils such as CBD to raise the price.