The Orange County Family Law Court is Under a State of Emergency

The Orange County family law court has been affected by the state of emergency and is currently considering changes to its legal practices and procedures. These changes are intended to ease the backlog of cases and help the courts deal with the current crisis. During this time, the court will continue to accept emergency matters, including child custody and domestic violence restraining orders.

Mary and Alan separated in 1995. Divorce proceedings were filed in Orange County and a final child custody judgment was issued in 1997. Alan worked as a law librarian for a large Orange County law firm. Mary went on to find work as a family court clerk in Washoe County. Although neither of them wanted to accept the custody order, neither one of them tried to challenge the order.

If there is a minor involved in the case, the court will appoint counsel to represent that child. Parents cannot select their own lawyer to represent their child, but they can discuss the case with an attorney who has experience representing children in similar circumstances. Minors counsel is available to help children understand the legal process and make it less stressful for them. Once a case is filed, it should be resolved in 18 months or less.

It’s important to note that Orange County family law court cases are typically overloaded with pending cases. Attorneys are often overbooked, and a trial may take many days. Often, parties will settle before, during, or after a trial.