What Does a Workers Comp Investigator Do?

A workers’ comp investigator can monitor a workers’ compensation claimant’s social media accounts and other online activities. The investigator will look for evidence of fabricated injuries, such as pictures of the injured worker doing physical activities. The investigator may also use video surveillance. This kind of surveillance is usually done at night or during the weekends, when the injured worker is not in the office. The investigator will never stop investigating until they have the evidence they need to back up their claim.

A workers’ comp investigator may also call an injured worker directly and ask about their symptoms and doctors. It’s important to note that they may call an injured worker’s home phone or speak to the answering machine. While the injured worker is not legally required to answer the investigator’s questions, refusing to do so may raise suspicion.

The investigator may contact family members, friends, and co-workers. They may also contact the local law enforcement agency. The investigator may also document the claimant’s activities and personal life. While the investigator may sound friendly, it’s important to consult a workers compensation attorney for assistance. These professionals are experienced in analyzing workers’ compensation claims and investigating fraudulent claims.

The objective of hiring a workers comp investigator is to help the insurance company verify that the injured worker is telling the truth. Even a single photo can be damaging without an explanation. However, the investigators’ methods should not involve illegal surveillance. For example, trespassing on private property, hacking into computers, and tracking cars are all prohibited activities.